Horizontal Bore – Water Service Replacement Holiday Lake, Morgan Hill, CA

03 Apr

This photo shows a horizontal boring machine located above the house that we are working on to.

The home on the left is where we are aiming for. The water service on the house is located on the north side approximately 15’ below where the boring machine is set up.

IMG_1903This photo shows the cutting edge of the boring push rod entering the excavation. The excavation was about 1’ wide by 2’ long. This is precision. The push rod used for boring the new service was then connected to new polyethylene water line and a new service was then pulled back through and connected to the water meter. The existing water service at the house
was abandoned in place and the plumbing was re-plumbed and tied back in at this location.

replace their existing, failed, water service with a new polyethylene water line.